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Cancellation Policy

I ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 100% the price of your scheduled appointment. - thank you for your understanding.

Code of Ethics & Policy Procedures

There is a ZERO tolerance policy for inappropriate or suggestive behavior at my studio. As a trained and licensed professional I do not accept any clients that disobey this rule and I am allowed to turn down service if I feel that it is warranted. I truly thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


I accept credit/debit card, gift card, cash and Venmo.  Sorry, I don't currently accept insurance as payment for massage. 

What should I expect from my first treatment?

I will sit down with you for a couple of minutes prior to your session to go over any thoughts or concerns you have regarding your massage. We will discuss your health history, areas of tension, injuries, depth of pressure applied, allergies, areas to avoid, and your overall goal for your session. Some people are here simply to relax and unwind from stress or tension. Others may have more in depth issues relating to their muscular/skeletal system that need more attention and that's where my skilled knowledge of massage therapy and bodywork will come into place.

Do I have to be completely undressed during my massage?

As a licensed massage therapist I take pride in providing a safe space where my clients can receive therapeutic bodywork and feel comfortable while receiving this work. I will always address your comfort levels and keep those in mind during your treatment. I will ask you to undress to your comfort level.  Most massage and bodywork sessions are usually performed with the client unclothed; however, it is completely up to you what you want to wear. You will always be properly draped with the sheet.

What is your style of massage?

I focus on work that is nurturing and relaxing but also therapeutic and effective. I work with a medium to firm pressure but can absolutely give deeper pressure on specific areas when requested. I listen to what information I am receiving from your body and adjust pressure and techniques as we go. Every "body" is different and no massage will be the same for every client. I also love to incorporate aromatherapy and heating elements such as hot stones and towels to add some extra warmth & comfort for you while you are on my table.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Please arrive to your session about 5 to 10 minutes early so you can have time to use the restroom and go over the intake process. I suggest hydrating that day but not too much in case you feel the need to use the restroom during the massage, which can take away from relaxing. Try and make a promise to yourself to come to your session in a good state of mind, willing and able to receive massage & bodywork. I am here to facilitate in your healing process but I am not a miracle worker! I want you to show up being your best self (as much as humanly possible) so you can fully enjoy the therapeutic benefits to start or end your day right. You deserve it.

How will I feel after my massage?

Massage therapy is here to relax you, reduce stress, and rejuvenate your body. Many leave a session feeling overall very relaxed, and if you are receiving more deep work you may leave a bit sore but never will you leave in pain. The goal is to make you feel lighter, more at ease, reduce anxiety, and to feel you best self and connected to your body. If there's anything I can guarantee after a massage, you will certainly have a good night's rest and that's always a positive.

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